Francisco Cumellas

Francisco Cumellas was created in 1992 by Kiko Cumellas. In that period of time, the classic style was predominating in our country in terms of rugs and home decoration, however, Cumellas decided to introduce the contemporary rug which means an anticipation to the market tendency.

It was in 2013 when Maison Hogar Decoracion, replaced Kiko as he decided to focus full time in his biggest passion: the animals. 

In order to continue the great work done by his predecessor, the new team has been focusing on designing their own collections, expanding worldwide and selecting new Brands for it distribution.

Adding new designers to our team has allowed us to launch new collections adapted to the National and International market and give answer to our clients by designing personalized rugs.

Francisco Cumellas design and commercialize their own contemporary collections. Made by the best artisans from the North of India, our rugs are handmade with natural materials specially chosen for their high quality like the silk, line, cotton, linen, hemp, viscose and jute. 

Rugs commited to animals

Francisco Cumellas wants to contribute to the animal care and stating constancy about the brand engagement towards them. That’s why the firm allocates part of their income to projects that protect and care about animals. Under the slogans of “Peace also for the animals” and “Yes to the adoption, no to the abandon”.

When acquiring a Francisco Cumellas rug, you would not only contribute to have style, modernism and design in any environment but also you would contribute to a good cause.