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  • Behind this apparently simple carpet, lies a delicate and artisan work, as each knot has been knotted by hand. The mix of the wool and the viscose, becomes a perfect carpet for your own home decoration. Soft and brilliant, is really nice to walk on without shoes in any time of the year.

  • 100% wool made and is completely hand knotted, dyed only with organic colours making each carpet different to the others. It is a short yarn carpet with a velvet touch available in 4 natural colours: black, stone, light grey and beige.

  • Cebú collection, with its blurred and irregular lines, recalls the gentle waves of the calm sea. In this piece we see reflected the serenity that brings the sea in hours where the sun meets the sand and water. 

  • A 100% hand knotted carpet in wool  and viscose. Has a really special double tone effect thanks to the combination of these two materials. Silky touch and brilliant it can be placed anywhere in the house and will give the comfort you were looking for. Available in a wide range of tones.

  • Its particular mottled effect is determined by the fabrication with bamboo. This is a material that gives a silky touch to the texture. This rug is hand knotted. For this reason we can mix horizontal stripes. Available in four colors: dark white, light grey, taupe and grey.

  • This model is hand knotted with wool and viscose. Is a really nice combination which gives a mottled original and unusual short yarn, hand knotted, it’s a really soft touch, comfortable and elegant for your home.

  • Nest collection is hand woven by wool. Edging with fringes of the material itself, this rug is simple and elegant. Its range of colors is adapted to any environment. Available without fringes

  • Wool and viscose hand-knotted carpet that comes in 4 colors evoking the hues adopting the ocean in conjunction with its environment.

  • A soft texture carpet with a silky and brilliant touch. Hand made with banana silk viscose, a material that gives special shine effects giving a sensation of different tones of the colour. Available in several colours:black, chocolat, brown, red, grey, and dark beige.

  • Our Patchwork collection gets classic presenting it in a way current contemporary natural colors inspired by Mediterranean cultures.

  • A short yarn carpet hand knotted 100% wool made. Really soft and velvet touch gives a happy touch to our home in different and nice colours.

  • Rita collection is hand knotted with wool and viscose, combining textures to give a special effect and play with the height of cut pile and loop.

  • Hand made with polyester, offered in different bright and lively colors: green, chocolate, White, beige, red, Light grey, dark grey, Black and gold. Its soft and velvety touch invites you go on bare feet over the rug.

  • This carpet is handwoven and you can appreciate its resemblance to the Havanna Fine collection, but in this case has been made with wool. Their sizes can be customized and you can even make it round.

  • Terrassa rug is handwoven combining wool and viscose, creating diagonal loops that provide an original relief and optical effect to the product. Thanks to the combination of these two materials you get a soft and warm rug.

  • A hand made carpet with 100% polyester. Is nice and delicate, soft touch and velvety. Offered in 4 new combinations of tones, chocolate brown, white-stone, dark grey and silver.

  • A 100% hand woven carpet which stands out for its original braided design. Made from wool, it gives to the carpet a soft touch and a perfect texture for being placed at busy spaces. Available in 3 mixed tones and also in 8 plain colours.

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items