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  • The Alp collection is hand woven with Merino wool. With a range of neutral colors it fits in any environment.

  • Hand-knotted rug from hemp fibres and short pile. This material is very resistant and it will give your home a rustic touch. Due to the nature of hemp colors may vary slightly with each dyed so it may differ the tone of the carpet to the sample.

  • Aura rug has been made using the hand tufted technique with New Zealand wool. The measures of this rug can be customised and is available in 5 colors. Other colors available under request.

  • Behind this apparently simple carpet, lies a delicate and artisan work, as each knot has been knotted by hand. The mix of the wool and the viscose, becomes a perfect carpet for your own home decoration. Soft and brilliant, is really nice to walk on without shoes in any time of the year.

  • Bengala rug is handwoven with braids made up of 6 cm sections. The natural-looking decorative elements are acquiring prominence within what is known as eco-fashion. It is ideal for any season of the year. For their preparation they have not been used dyes, the color of all the models is provided by the material with which it has been woven.

  • 100% wool made and is completely hand knotted, dyed only with organic colours making each carpet different to the others. It is a short yarn carpet with a velvet touch available in 4 natural colours: black, stone, light grey and beige.

  • Bohemia rug is woven in hemp creating fine and discrete braids that are intertwined with strands of jute yarn. It is distinguished from other of our collections made in hemp by the fringes that decorate the two ends.

  • Cebú collection, with its blurred and irregular lines, recalls the gentle waves of the calm sea. In this piece we see reflected the serenity that brings the sea in hours where the sun meets the sand and water. 

  • Chennai collection is part of our dhurries collection.It is handwoven in cotton and can also be made in wool. The sizes and colors can be customized.

  •  Hand-woven with wool, comes in 2 colors and combining different textures on the same carpet.

  • Combine different woven techniques to create a set of reliefs with a touch of color by providing your room with its own personality. Available in 3 colors.

  • Cresta collection is part of our dhurries collection.It is handwoven in wool and can also be made in cotton. The sizes and colors can be customized.

  • Daina intercalates two types of loops in parallel, one braided and one without braiding and offers a resistant and with a pleasant footprint as its relief is uniform. It is made with one of the materials that best supports external climatic conditions, the polypropylene.

  • A 100% hand knotted carpet in wool  and viscose. Has a really special double tone effect thanks to the combination of these two materials. Silky touch and brilliant it can be placed anywhere in the house and will give the comfort you were looking for. Available in a wide range of tones.

  • Dara collection is hand-woven with polypropylene. This material makes the rug waterproof so it can be placed outside. It is available in 6 colors and sizes are customized.

  • The majesty of the deer mixed with the simplicity of some geometrical figures, the combination of gold and black and the glossy effect provided by the viscose, creates an elegant but modern piece perfect to give a unique ambient to your home. Hand-knotted.

  • Dolsa collection is hand knotted in viscose. It contains 80.000 knots/sqm.Is available in a wide range of colors.

  • Dominica is handwoven with polypropylene, a material that makes this waterproof and suitable for outdoor. The measures are customized and is available in 6 different colors.

  • Donna brings to the exterior areas of the home all the decorative and functional virtues of the carpets. It is handwoven with two different braids that overlap each other creating an original relief on the base. Donna is made from polypropylene.

  • This carpet of Francisco Cumellas was made in special collaboration with Ocott. It is hand-knotted with New Zealand wool. The measurements are customised.

  • 100% wool felt hand woven rug. This fiber is well known for its quality and resistance. The Eco carpet is made from wool felt bands stitched to the base, twisted in order to create a carpet with a unique identity.

  • With this piece you get to give your space a unique character giving strength and distinction. Hand-woven with wool felt and custom sizes. You can even get round to give more originality.

  • Fez collection is part of our dhurries collection.It is handwoven in wool and can also be made in cotton. The sizes and colors can be customized.

  • Collection hand woven with PET, is based on a range of plain colors designed to be combined with each other or make a rug with a single color.

  • This rustic braided rug perfect for placing on porches and receivers is hand-woven with jute 100 %. The measures of this are personalized and for a special effect vegetable dyes are used, so there is never an equal carpet. The tone of the carpet may vary from the sample because of the vegetable dyes.

  • The Havanna Fine collection is the thin version of the Havanna Collection. It is hand woven with jute. It is perfect to place on porches and entrance halls. Vegetable dyes have been used so that the color of the carpet may vary from the sample.

  • Kerala is handwoven combining two strands of different sizes. The wide braid is superimposed on the narrow one and vice versa, creating a model with a different and original set of reliefs. The color is provided by the material used to make it. These rugs are very resistant so they are highly recommended for high traffic areas.

  • Reversible carpet made from wool felt with a really new design, looks like a stone garden,the same carpet mix different natural colours as grey, cream, brown & black, making. Each carpet a different piece. Easy cleaning.

  • 100% viscose rug made with a new manual technique called hand tufted. With this rug you will enjoy a nice soft texture, which will create a comfortable atmosphere to your home.

  • Its particular mottled effect is determined by the fabrication with bamboo. This is a material that gives a silky touch to the texture. This rug is hand knotted. For this reason we can mix horizontal stripes. Available in four colors: dark white, light grey, taupe and grey.

Showing 1 - 30 of 59 items