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  • FISURA, designed by Joan Lao.  The process of stone formation can last thousands of years. With Fisura we capture the movements, the reliefs and the process of the mineral material creating a composition of beauty, demonstrating what Mother Nature is capable of and giving us a natural artwork to incorporate it into our spaces.

  • FRACTURA, designed by Joan Lao.  The aging of the tree itself causes the protection bark of the tree to fracture creating a balanced composition of great esthetic value. The fractures that are formed with the help of light and color show us a great plastic artwork. We have captured that moment and we have expressed it in the texture of a rug.

  • This rustic braided rug perfect for placing on porches and receivers is hand-woven with jute 100 %. The measures of this are personalized and for a special effect vegetable dyes are used, so there is never an equal carpet. The tone of the carpet may vary from the sample because of the vegetable dyes.

  • PIEL, designed by Joan Lao.  Based on the bark of trees that works as a protective skin and in which the passage of time is drawing grooves and bas-reliefs of important graphic value. Piel is a tribute to the natural growth process and to the work that nature does with meteorological agents and the passage of time to create a very special shape and...

  • Gerard Puxhe won bronze at the European Product Design Award with his product Yuu rug’ in the category of Home Interior Products / Textiles / Floor Coverings.  “I wanted something new in flooring textile, a poetic shadow. I have designed a product hat plays with the light and the colours to create a different atmosphere” 

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items