We seek to achieve perfect harmony between design, quality and final product in all our carpets.



    The Urban collection gather modern and cosmopolitan models inspired of Barcelona. Each piece is inspired by emblematic places and of great significance of the Condal city.


    The Hydraulic collection recovers and transports home the originality of the traditional hydraulic pavements with a wide variety of models with geometric and ornamental shapes.


    Different styles, different working methods. Rugs that transmit the essence of each designer.

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  • Inspired by the design of Josep Puig i Cadafalch, which covers much of the ground of Barcelona.

  • Inspired by the design of Josep Puig i Cadafalch, which covers much of the ground of Barcelona.

  • Walking along the Born make us travel back in time to the medieval past, around Santa Maria del Mar, up to the newly Mercat del Born, paradigm of the modernist iron architecture. The charm of its streets and striking contrasts that live in the district are our main source of inspiration for this new collection. 

  • This collection is named like one of the biggest parks of the city. It is known to contain l'Hivernacle, the Parliament of Catalonia and Barcelona Zoo.The rug design has three primary colors that plays to create depth and an optical effect that captivates the eye.

  • This collection is inspired in the most popular transport in Barcelona: the bicycle. It is composed of a blurred wheel of different sizes that make contrast with background colour. It is available in two versions, with a white background and colour stripes or with a colour background and white stripes. Colours and sizes can be personalised.

  • This collection has the name of one of the most historical sites of Barcelona; “Les Drassanes”, the Shipyards, are located next to the harbor and it is where vessels were repaired and built. The design is the merge of two elements: City and sea.

  • From a cube pattern and overlapping triangles we generate a city map design. You can find large avenues and squares, the triangles, and the cubes that represent the side streets.

  • Barcelona, Mediterranean city, land of merchants, has in “Els Encants” market a clear example of this attitude which is part of the DNA of its people. The mirrored ceiling of the new market reflects the colors of the city and has been our inspiration for this collection of rugs.

  •  From Encants collection, we have created Encants mini, the same design but adapted for smaller spaces. Its colors fill the home with personality and energy.

  • FISURA, designed by Joan Lao.  The process of stone formation can last thousands of years. With Fisura we capture the movements, the reliefs and the process of the mineral material creating a composition of beauty, demonstrating what Mother Nature is capable of and giving us a natural artwork to incorporate it into our spaces.

  • FRACTURA, designed by Joan Lao.  The aging of the tree itself causes the protection bark of the tree to fracture creating a balanced composition of great esthetic value. The fractures that are formed with the help of light and color show us a great plastic artwork. We have captured that moment and we have expressed it in the texture of a rug.

  • I Love Barcelona, designed by Ricardo Cavolo. “In this piece we highlight the wonders of Barcelona, the sea and the mountains in a small space. The inspiration for this rug are the crystal balls that exist as souvenir of each city, where in a small sphere is included the best of each site.”

  • Leaves is a collection inspired in the nature and Barcelona; even though it does not stop growing, it still has natural parks and gardens among the city. The design has two variations: a colour stripe in a white background and vice versa. The rug can be personalised in both size and colour.

  • Modernista Moderna, designed by Javier Mariscal. “Many times when walking along Paseo de Gracia street I have imagined the “Gaudi Rajola” on a large Rug. My version,in this case, full of Palmeras and Garriris. It’s like a Traupe l’oeil.”

  • The sea, full of life inside, inspires us and brings us serenity with the noise of its waves. With motifs of fish scales we carries the feeling of calm to our home. Available in blue or turquoise, it is closer to the real tones of the sea, or in pink.

  •  by the elegance of the floors of palaces, is an update of what can be found in the interiors of the manor houses of Barcelona.

  • From the Palau design we have made a version for smaller spaces. Concentrating the drawing in one piece of 20x20 instead of the design Palau built into 4 pieces.

  • Floral design with 4 elements arranged in a cross shape to create a larger diamond-shaped figure. The cross as intersection point, transit and continuous flow like the “Pelai” street of Barcelona. The colors and measures can be customized, as long as these do not break the proportion of the rhomboid. 

  • PIEL, designed by Joan Lao.  Based on the bark of trees that works as a protective skin and in which the passage of time is drawing grooves and bas-reliefs of important graphic value. Piel is a tribute to the natural growth process and to the work that nature does with meteorological agents and the passage of time to create a very special shape and...

  • Four petals flower and fan-shaped interior simplifies the floral designs of the floors in the manor flats in the neighborhood of “l’Eixample”. The design is carved by hand with scissors to increase the sense of relief and depth.

  • Pyramids collection adapts itself anywhere. Its design is located only in a third part of the rug. It makes it look lighter and at the same time it’s different than the typical smooth carpets. The design combines two colours that can be personalised like the sizes.

  • “Rossello” is one of the streets of Barcelona that cross the “Avinguda Diagonal” and “Passeig de Gràcia”. This collection is inspired by the hydraulic tiles that decorated the floors of manor flats in Barcelona. In order to give a more realistic effect to the rugs we have carved the design to better define the pattern. 

  • Rusc collection looks for the parallelism of the city with the hive. Referring to Barcelona, it is reinforced for the geometric design of the area of the city called “l’Eixample”.Colours and sizes can be personalised.

  •  Signat collection, plays with two very contrasted colors. It is made from blurred triangles and positioned in order to cross each other. The sizes and colors can be customized. 

  • In this collection, simple but elegant at the same time, some of the most important monuments of Barcelona are represented. 

  • Designs with geometric prints are a perfect ally to give our home color and fantasy. Betting on Triangle rug is to have a quality product insured, full of style and personality. It is handmade with a technique called hand tufted and with wool.

  • To create this collection we were inspired by the colorful facade of the Urquinaona Tower, located in the square with the same name. In order to represent the tile joints, we have used a technique called ‘carving’, which is to cut the pile and outline the drawing.

  • Gerard Puxhe won bronze at the European Product Design Award with his product Yuu rug’ in the category of Home Interior Products / Textiles / Floor Coverings.  “I wanted something new in flooring textile, a poetic shadow. I have designed a product hat plays with the light and the colours to create a different atmosphere” 

  • The fact of letting the imagination fly and having total artistic freedom are born exceptional and special designs. Zena collection doesn't have a concrete figurative representation but is full of feeling.

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